5 Tips for Decorating a Whole House

Create a cohesive whole house design plan with these smart tricks.

First, find your theme. Not every room needs to be a carbon copy of the next. Instead, identify a common element. Like nature-inspired motifs to weave through your spaces.

This will lead to a look that’s cohesive.

Second, use similar materials from room to room. Woven seating in the kitchen and similar footstools in the bedroom unite the spaces. Subtle shifts keep everything from feeling too matchy-matchy Wood finishes are a great place to consider these shifts. Incorporate different finishes, from dark to light, and types, from burled to bleached.

Third, find your signature colour, and weave it through every room. It doesn’t need to be the exact same colour. You can use a medium blue in your living spaces, and dark blues elsewhere. Amount matters too. You can have a room where you use a lot of blue, like this master bedroom, and other spaces where you just use a little.

Fourth, in open spaces, use the same wall colour in every area. Save shifts for ancillary rooms, like bedrooms. Finally, let each room shine by incorporating a focal point feature. It can be an art piece, a pretty fabric or a really great light fixture. These showcase elements will give each room in your home a distinct personality while still creating an overall cohesive design.

With these five tips, you’ll have a house with unique rooms that still feel united.

Source Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7HNbAN4KvI

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