Ideas For Small Garden Spaces

Ideas for small garden spaces

Plants and flowers bring aesthetic value to every space we place them in; be it small or big, inside or outside, it just makes it more beautiful. If you believe gardening shouldn’t be limited to outdoor spaces and large greenhouses, read through some small space gardening ideas to get inspiration and bring style to your house. Regardless of aesthetics, anyone can try these ideas and get their green thumbs ready by beautifying junk or adding window boxes, hanging plants, and more.

Beautify Your Junk

Ideas For Small Garden Spaces - Beautify Your Junk
Ideas For Small Garden Spaces – Beautify Your Junk

Whether an old bathtub, a former side table, or even an old wheelbarrow filled with flowers would match perfectly on a tiny balcony or patio, don’t discard it just yet! Moreover, you can paint a rustic ladder with bright colours as ladders could be just as functional and attractive outside. Besides that, you can create a plant tray with a metal table (which is intended for serving drinks) that may overflow with herbs on a patio.

Utilize Your Windows

Do not complain about a super small balcony when you can add window boxes and make the street-level view just a little more beautiful. Window Boxes don’t even need a garden to wake up to a view of blossoms every morning. Geraniums, Vinca, Zinnia, Marigolds, Begonias, and many other flowering annuals are all excellent choices to be grown in a box. You can be creative with window boxes. Top it off the Railings, dress up the top of your fence with flower boxes contoured to fit over the rail. They add colour to the deck or fence without taking up the floor space.

Go Vertical

Ideas For Small Garden Spaces - Go Vertical
Ideas For Small Garden Spaces – Go Vertical

Trade floor place for wall space. Vertical Planter not only takes up less surface area than various pots on the ground would, but it is also a great way to add a curtain of greenery to a wall. For an electrifying touch to your garden, let the lattice set the foundation for a green shade on the wall. You can also add an old over-the-door shoe organizer on the wall and fill its compartments with herbs or ferns. It’s also an excellent example of vertical gardening. These simple ingredients come together to form a lush vertical garden.

Transform a Garage or Attic

Have an unused garage or attic? Convert your garage or attic from a dull, lifeless square box to a bit of oasis. You can have your very own greenhouse teeming with plant life.

Patterned Hanging Planters

Ideas For Small Garden Spaces - Patterned Hanging Planters
Ideas For Small Garden Spaces – Patterned Hanging Planters

The best way to enhance greenery or floral arrangements is pair of potted hanging planters. You can also use brightly coloured hanging colanders to hang blooms for an unexpected porch up.

Raised Gardens

Are you living in a small apartment with no room for a garden? No worries! The raised bed allows the flowers to soak up the sun on top, while you can store the tools and accessories down below. If you don’t want your plants dying on you, then start with a Terrarium, as tiny terrariums add a unique appeal to small spaces and need little care.

With a dose of creativity and a few intelligent fittings choices, designing a small space has never been this easy. Thanks to these marvellous small garden spaces ideas, you can now make your tiny patch of green look stunning in no time.

Happy Small Spaces Gardening!

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